Case Study #1

Before I started MAP...

I was a troubled kid and I got bullied quite seriously. This made being at school and socialising with others really difficult for me, and resulted in my behaviour becoming very bad and I started refusing to go to school. In year 9, I started MAP (Music and Arts Production). I was very quiet and didn't speak much as I felt scared being the "new kid" at first, but as time went on I found that everyone here was super kind and I felt confident and comfortable going to MAP.


During my time at MAP I was able to find myself though creative media. I started off editing songs together to make tracks, and I then progressed on to creating my own songs using the drum pads and FL studios. After a while of doing this my tutor (Paul) suggested that I try adding videos on top of the music I was making to create a multimedia product for my qualification; I agreed and started to make short videos to compliment my music. Shortly after making a few videos with music, I thought it could be a good idea to actually film my own video content and edit it afterwards. I visited the old MAP website and realised the video on the page was very outdated and needed updating so I took it upon myself to draw up a draft for a new video idea for the website (after talking to the staff first).

I took my draft to Tom (Project Director) and he agreed that me doing a new video for MAP was a good thing and let me start my new project. I recorded the students answering questions about MAP which I had prepared for them, then edited all the footage into the new MAP promotional video. It took me a while but I got it done! I then went on to make another video about MAP, but this time it was a short documentary about why some kids are taken out of mainstream education; I wanted more people to know this is a good place for kids who can't cope with mainstream school.


After completing these videos, I felt like I had found something I really enjoyed and maybe could pursue in the future. This really motivated me to find a college course for video editing, and as a result of the video I created for MAP's new website, I have been accepted onto the Level 2 media course I applied to. I don't feel I would have been able to get on this course without being at MAP. This charity is amazing and has pretty much turned my life around from not knowing at all what I wanted to do with my future, to now knowing exactly what I want to do and having the skills and motivation to go after it. After I leave MAP I will definitely still help out because I want to give back what they've given to me.

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Registered Charity Number 1125303. Registered Office: MAP, Hope House, 65 Mabgate, Leeds LS9 7DR.